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Liverpool Street Personal Trainer - Jason Jackson

Jason was head-hunted to join Virgin Active’s flagship health club in Liverpool Street to launch the Master Trainer product – the premium level of personal training. Before parting ways with Virgin Active after seven successful years, Jason was named personal trainer of the year out of over a thousand personal trainers nationwide, from Liverpool Street to Leeds. Jason combines almost a decade of the in-the-trenches personal training experience with advanced academia in the fields of sport nutrition and endocrinology. Jason is also an accredited strength and conditioning coach and has worked with professional athletes alongside his current roster of personal training clients.


Liverpool Street PT studio

Located just 500 meters from the Bishopsgate entrance of Liverpool Street station, Jason works from a personal training studio split over two floors: a strength and conditioning level, complete with multiple lifting platforms, specialist barbells and up to 50kg dumbbells, and a functional suite, featuring an 18-meter sled track. Rather than being buried in a basement, like other commercial health clubs in Liverpool Street, this personal training studio has natural light throughout. An exclusive personal training-only environment means you won’t have to wait to use equipment, nor pay for an expensive gym membership. Take a look at the right personal training package to suit your diary.

Image of Liverpool Street personal training studio
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How to choose a personal trainer

There are literally hundreds of personal trainers in health clubs and personal training studios in Liverpool Street. With so many to choose from how do you invest in the right personal trainer for you? Should personal trainers be well-educated and experienced… or just simply available? In an industry with a notoriously low barrier to entry, what constitutes an expert personal trainer? Spend some time researching a personal trainer’s background, just like you would with any other type of professional. Look for a personal trainer who understands program design, anatomy and biomechanics and can identify any weak links in your physique.

Personal Training Articles

Training and nutrition can be confusing, even to personal trainers. Bloggers can sensationalise, misinterpret or over-simplify key messages. Rather than just repeating outdated or inaccurate fitness dogma, these articles are substantiated from evidence-based, peer-reviewed sources. Jason is regularly asked to deliver seminars to teams of personal trainers on training and nutrition at health clubs in Liverpool Street, Bank, Barbican and Angel. The subject matter for the latest and most relevant articles on training, nutrition and wellbeing was inspired by conversations with both personal trainers and clients that warranted further elaboration online.

Image of Liverpool Street based personal trainer Jason Jackson
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