Carborexia Nervosa

“An irrational fear of carbohydrate” spread by tabloid journalists and ill-informed personal trainers. From a sport nutrition or strength and conditioning perspective, carbohydrate restriction would cost trophies. A low carbohydrate diet would likely have a negative impact on your physique and wellbeing too. Hopefully I don’t need to point out that I’m not talking about […]

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The case for counting steps

Let’s look at the variables under our control that influence fat loss. Getting lean is the direct result of a calorie deficit. Calories in versus calories out. Over the course of a week, you need to burn more calories than you eat. That includes any weekend overindulgences! “Calories out” is the sum of your resting […]

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Healthy eating

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) asked me to write an article for their Wellness Week on Healthy Eating. The World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations agency concerned with public health, defines healthy eating as “a diet that protects against malnutrition, as well as chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.”

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Should we practice what we preach?

My friend Melissa Weldon is a Master Trainer at 1Rebel and the founder of Fempower, a female-empowerment project. The focus of their work is promoting a positive female body image. Knowing I supported the cause, Melissa asked me to write an article, from the male perspective. From 2008 there has been a sustained, year-on-year rise in […]

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How stress can affect your profits

I wrote this article in response to one of my clients being diagnosed with chronically elevated cortisol, following a succession of illnesses. There’s no quick-fix solution (given her job running a trading desk), but understanding the cause and effect is a good place to start. A couple of years prior to our last economic recession […]

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The testosterone supplement

Before I knew any better, if you’d asked me what the go-to supplement to boost testosterone was I would’ve told you, with conviction, that it was zinc. And here’s why: Ananda Prasad et al. (1996) demonstrated that zinc deficiency is associated with low testosterone levels. And that six-months supplementation of 459 μmol of zinc gluconate […]

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Should you increase your fat intake?

My client sent me a link ahead of our session this morning to spark some debate as we warmed up. The BBC had earlier reported that the advice to eat more fat was “irresponsible”: Now if you’d just read the headline you’d interpret that as meaning increasing your dietary fat intake to be wrong. […]