Train to increase testosterone

One in three men over 45 suffer from low testosterone (Mulligan et al., 2006). That was the finding of a study involving over two thousand men published in The International Journal of Clinical Practice. The most common symptoms are lack of energy, loss of motivation and reduced libido (fig. 1). But before scouring the internet for novelty […]

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Can you gain muscle whilst losing fat?

If your goal is to lose as much body fat as you can, as fast as possible, prepare yourself to lose muscle too. The reverse also being true. But how easy is it to gain muscle whilst losing fat? A more accurate way to phrase the question would be “can you gain muscle in a […]

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Meal frequency

I read an article recently from a well-meaning personal trainer listing the best ways to burn fat. Their ultimate recommendation on meal frequency was to “eat 6 meals a day, not 3 feasts.” They claimed this “increased metabolism”.  And if you failed to follow their advice “your body would go into starvation mode, burning muscle and […]

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The case for counting steps

Let’s look at the variables under our control that influence fat loss. Getting lean is the direct result of a calorie deficit. Calories in versus calories out. Over the course of a week, you need to burn more calories than you eat. That includes any weekend overindulgences! “Calories out” is the sum of your resting […]

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How quickly can I lose weight?

Throughout my career, this has been one of the questions I’ve been asked the most. When I sit down with a new client during a consultation often the first thing they’ll say is: “I want to lose this much weight; how long will it take?” We all know a friend of a friend of a friend who […]

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A financial return on your PT investment?

Presumably I don’t need to spell out the numerous ways training improves your health, wellbeing, performance, cognition, etc. Well, a study has also shown that training has an (albeit indirect) correlation with how much you get paid. Stick with me. In Baum and Ford’s 2004 study on the wage effects of obesity, the duo found that incomes […]

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How stress can affect your profits

I wrote this article in response to one of my clients being diagnosed with chronically elevated cortisol, following a succession of illnesses. There’s no quick-fix solution (given her job running a trading desk), but understanding the cause and effect is a good place to start. A couple of years prior to our last economic recession […]

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Squats, does depth matter?

Short answer, yes. I can see this post putting a few noses out of joint (it should do), so rather than just offering my opinion I’m going to direct you to an EMG study on the contribution of different hip and thigh muscles at varying depths of the back squat. Electromyography, or EMG for short, is […]

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Nike Flyknit Racer

It’s been a while since I ran (for a bus), but I am on my feet for a ridiculous amount of time each day so I need to be comfortable in the sneakers I’m wearing. And although I would never describe myself as a runner, my conditioning work involves pushing a fully-loaded sled down a 20m track […]

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Fat loss number 1

At the end of last year I delivered a workshop to the personal training teams at Virgin Active Angel and Essex Road on how to put together a nutrition strategy for their clients. At the end of the session I was bombarded with questions on novelty supplements and complex dietary protocols. I explained to the […]