Training and nutrition can be bewildering, even to professionals. Don’t believe everything you read online. Question the sources. All the evidence-based information presented in these articles is backed up by science.

October 11, 2018 jason

Carborexia Nervosa

“An irrational fear of carbohydrate” spread by tabloid journalists and ill-informed personal trainers. From a sport nutrition or strength and conditioning perspective, carbohydrate restriction wou....
What is the best diet?
March 22, 2018 jason

What is the best diet?

The “Best diet” would be a bold claim. But I’d like to offer some suggestions on how to improve yours. As an industry, we obsess over percentages of protein, carbohydrate and fat. And in doing s....
Image of Liverpool Street personal trainer holding a protein smoothie
November 1, 2017 jason

Protein smoothie – breakfast of champions

Not quite, for me the “breakfast of champions” would be scrambled eggs on sourdough toast, with some avocado and smoked salmon on the side. But if you’re pushed for time I recommend a pr....
October 23, 2017 jason

Train to increase testosterone

One in three men over 45 suffer from low testosterone (Mulligan et al., 2006). That was the finding of a study involving over two thousand men published in The International Journal of Clinical Pract....
Image of Liverpool Street personal trainer Jason Jackson
October 22, 2017 jason

Can you gain muscle whilst losing fat?

If your goal is to lose as much body fat as you can, as fast as possible, prepare yourself to lose muscle too. The reverse also being true. But how easy is it to gain muscle whilst losing fat? A more ....
Image of person eating
October 1, 2017 jason

Meal frequency

I read an article recently from a well-meaning personal trainer listing the best ways to burn fat. Their ultimate recommendation on meal frequency was to “eat 6 meals a day, not 3 feasts.” They cl....
Image of person wearing orange trainers running up steps
September 30, 2017 jason

The case for counting steps

Let’s look at the variables under our control that influence fat loss. Getting lean is the direct result of a calorie deficit. Calories in versus calories out. Over the course of a week, you nee....
Image of person drinking fruit juice
July 30, 2017 jason

Healthy eating

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) asked me to write an article for their Wellness Week on Healthy Eating. The World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations agency concerned with public health, de....